Will you trade your leather jacket for a bomber ? ... Absolutely I will because it is such a creative trend that is so easy to rock. The latest trend in town is what it is.
Rock this and you will be glad you did.
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Listen up Grabatologists! Yes I googled the collective noun for people who collect ties. Your ties are being put under duress by damaging clips and pins that are often unreliable and do little to control the kipper (the lower 3rd). Otherwise known as the business end of the tie. Introducing The Tie Thing. It is the necktie accessory your kipper has been crying out for. Like the cavalry coming over the hill, The Tie Thing will do all the heavy lifting for your tie, keeping it in place whilst matching your apparel style. Unlike necktie accessories designed for aesthetic purposes, The Tie Thing also controls your necktie without puncturing or snagging, and, unless you want to reveal your tie-prestige, does not show. Imagine you're working over an oscillating spindle sander, or you’re feeding a group of deadly arachnids over an empty aquarium. The last thing you want is for your kipper to be a rope ladder for some rambunctious furry back to use as their canny escape.

Highlights from the range are the 5-Pak specials that contain White, Off-White, Medium Blue, Dark Blue and Black. Each one finely constructed with patented durable cotton material using double-stitched button holes that are built to withstand rigorous washing or dry-cleaning environments without losing its shape or colour. If the 5-Pak is too rich for your blood then there is the more modest 3-Pak. With a range of colours from Black, Burgundy and White. All products come with a full 200% Lifetime Guarantee not to Rip, Tear, Fade (or in any way fail) or the guys at The tie thing will double replace your order at no charge. They'll even pay for shipping.

 Perhaps it's the un-ending versatility of denim that has made it a wardrobe staple ever since its inception in the 17th century - or possibly before, depending on the source. Since it was declared cool by American youth in the 1950's, (after being relegated for many years to the humble apparel of cowboys and miners) denim has undergone many incarnations. From the sleek dark indigo of the 70's to the regrettable, deliberate distress and fading of the noughties, this season sees denim emerge as the perfect transeasonal fabric, especially for jackets. We picked five of our favourite styles to try now.

The Classic
 This mid-wash style with subtle fading from Acne encompasses all the classic features of the original denim jacket, but is cut slim in the body to emphasise a trim torso (or perhaps add to the illusion). This piece won't date and lacks the embellishment that would make it un-wearable next season.

The Bomber

A current favourite jacket gets the denim treatment with this jacket by cult brand Waven. The contrasting collar, waistband and cuffs give it a more casual feel, and the subtle distressed fabric gives it instant street cred.

The Vintage
  No list of denim jackets would be complete without a mention of pioneers Levis Strauss & Co. Every man should invest in the original, especially since it has been seldom improved upon for over 50 years. Featuring pleated detail on the front and authentic distressed areas on the sleeves, this is a jacket with history woven into its fabric.

 The Trendy One
 Not one for the fainthearted or shy and retiring, this blazer by Junya Wantanabe is a celebration of quirky patchwork, interspersed with leather and tweed. However, this is not a jacket to be taken too seriously and requires confidence and expert styling to make it work day to day. "Every man should invest in the original" "Every man should invest in the original"

The White One

 There's something about white denim that is so crisp and fresh, making it ideal for a summer staple. This one from Whistles is clean in its detailing, with subtle stitching and hidden pockets, so the emphasis stays on the simple overall shape. Take advantage of this by pairing with more formal pieces for an elegant look. Whistles

If there’s one item we can all trust and wear all year long, it’s our jeans - so it’s important to figure out which styles work best for us and our bodies. Naturally jeans are meant to fit to your shape and size over time making them very comfortable. However, this should never compromise the style. Let’s look at the top styles, colours and washes you can always rely on.

Skinny Fit

This is a style best suited to those with slimmer bodies and especially slim legs. If you don’t fall under this body shape be careful because not only will they not look good, they’ll be very restrictive. This style of jeans is great for guys in their twenties since they have a youthful, ‘boy-about-town’ look. When it comes to styling keep to a casual look with either trainers and a t-shirt, or a checked shirt, leather jacket and Chelsea boots for an off-duty evening style. Skinny jeans also tend to need breaking in and will get looser after wearing them a few times, so don’t worry if they are too tight when you first buy them.

Slim/Straight Fit
 This style of jeans is one which suits most body shapes, especially if you have a slim athletic build – they’re the most versatile cut for occasions. Team them with a shirt, blazer and lace up Brogues or Derby shoes, as well as a sweater and trainers. This fit of jeans is pretty true to size so be sure to find ones that fit like a standard pair of trousers as they will not stretch - they should be tighter on the thighs, knees and calves and loose at the ankle.

Relaxed/Loose Fit
  This is a good cut for those guys reading this that have a slightly larger build. It’ll create an illusion to balance your body out and put you into better proportion. This type of jean is straight from top to bottom and just like the straight fit they can be worn with most style of dress; be it a sports jacket, a polo shirt or button down shirt. Again, like the slim fit jean they will fit true to size and won’t loosen after “breaking them in”.

Colour & Wash When it comes to colour and wash, there are a variety of coloured jeans to plain neutrals which are accepted more than ever today. However, there are three main washes for your standard blue jeans: Classic - think Levis or Acne Studios. An average blue-mid wash, where the raw denim is rinsed and then bleached to soften the shade. This was is perfect for casual attire and general weekend wear. Vintage - I’m sure we all have our own vintage jeans lurking around in our wardrobes somewhere, albeit they probably have rips in the knees and broken belt loops. However, they will look tatty if they’ve had many years of use. Vintage jeans are made from sanding them slighting at the seams, knees and thighs with a vigorous rinse. Dark - dark is your best friend if you want to be able to wear jeans for a smarter occasion or at the office if your boss is slightly relaxed. The denim is usually untreated, so they can lose their colour a little after one or two washes. You can try to maintain this by washing and ironing inside out. Raw - the basic form of denim - if you ever come across Swedish brand Nudie Jeans, you’ll see that this kind of denim is unwashed, untainted and much denser than the rest. If they’re tighter (either skinny or slim fit) they form creases easily at the knees. Since this denim is raw (also known as dry) they will lose a lot of colour after one wash compared to treated denim which has been pre-washed before it is sold. In the instance of raw denim it’s not unheard of for people to leave them unwashed for 6 months of wear.

WEARABLE technology is a concept that while it pricks the ears of the digitally savvy, it continues to raise questions about how it can be incorporated into clothing without compromising style: cue new brand Emel + Aris.

 Founded by Rana Nakhal Solset, a former executive at titles including Wallpaper, Elle and Tatler, the brand has created the world's first smart coats that incorporate patented infra-red and battery-operated technology to heat the wearer at varying degrees of warmth - not that you would know it. The designs - a trench and a wrap-coat for women and a rain mac and overcoat for men - come cut to the highest quality using luxury Italian label Loro Piana's water and wind-repellent cotton and cashmere-blends, with the technology discreetly concealed in the lining to provide heat on the shoulders, the lower back and the front lapels.

 "My son, Matthais gave me the idea," Solset told us. "He asked me when we were going to go on holiday to the North Pole could I please buy jackets that heat. I had a light-bulb moment. Why aren't we all walking around in jackets that heat? That's when I decided to create my own." Despite Matthais giving her the idea, Solset - a mother of two (Matthais, 7, and Leyla, 9) who splits her time between London, where she lives; Canada, where she grew up; and Norway, where her husband Thomas is from - has been somewhat destined to fuse the wearable tech and fashion industries. Having written a paper at university in which she stated she wanted to open a tech clothing shop one day, she moved to Paris where the insouciant Parisian aesthetic compounded her love for fashion. When talking wearable tech there is a fine line between geeky and tasteful But a light-bulb moment and a university dream does not a business make, and Solset is being as innovative about the way she is funding the project as she is about the product she has launched.

 As of today, Emel + Aris launches on Kickstarter where customers can order the coats, which are designed in London and made in Italy, at a discounted price (between £450 and £650) for 60 days, before they are sold from the brand's e-commerce website at full price (starting at £1,095) thereafter. Customers will also be able to order limited-edition styles in navy, black, charcoal, caramel, cream, powder blue and baby pink cashmere. The hope, Solset told us, is to raise the brand's profile and grow organically, with large-scale distribution some way off. "We have been very discreet about our brand until this week and we have not revealed our plans to retailers," she explained. "This year we intend to establish our brand and keep control and therefore will be offering the product via our own e-commerce site first.

Regardless of the success of Kickstarter we are developing the brand for the consumer launch in the Autumn. For 2017 our plan is to work with select retailers in important markets." Related Gallery The Suede Box Jacket Karen Millen Sandro Spring Coats: The Trends To Wear Now By then, there may be some more products in the works, as Solset has no intention of stopping at smart coats. "My ambition for Emel + Aris is to become the luxury go-to brand of wearable tech and the smart coat is just the first installment," she said. "When talking wearable tech, there is a fine line between geeky and tasteful. I see collaborations and partnerships with designers and other entrepreneurs."

Here’s the rub: You’ve noticed an itchy patch on your scalp and, ugh, a few flakes on your shoulders. But you just shelled out hundreds of dollars on that primo hair color. Do not (we repeat: do not!) pick up a generic drugstore dandruff shampoo. Many have stripping sulfates in them. So how do you tackle your flakes and keep your color bright? Read on.

  What you need: Your regular color-safe shampoo and a bottle of tea tree oil What you do: Squeeze your usual amount of shampoo into your palm. Then add a few drops of tea tree oil and gently massage the mixture into your scalp. Let sit for a couple minutes (wash your face, shave your legs, whatever) and rinse thoroughly. Follow with conditioner.

 Why it works: Tea tree oil has natural antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that help with dryness and itchiness. When added to your sulfate-free shampoo, you get major scalp relief without sacrificing your color. Pro tip: Always dilute the oil with your shampoo and be sparing with how much you add. It’s extremely potent on its own and can be conversely over-drying if applied in excess. So, basically, just don’t dump the little bottle directly on your head and you should be fine.

Hands: They text and type and swipe and (sometimes) cook. We put them through a lot on a daily basis…and it shows. Get them soft and mani-ready with this simple, natural two-ingredient scrub you can whip up in minutes. What you need: A jar of raw honey, a bag of white sugar, a small bowl, a whisk and two large plastic Ziploc bags. What you do: In a small bowl, mix 3 tablespoons of the raw honey with ¼ cup of sugar. Slather the scrub all over your hands, making sure to also massage the mixture into your cuticles. Cover each hand with a plastic bag (since you can imagine this gets rather messy) and sit still for a few minutes while the honey works its magic. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water (anything too hot can strip away moisture), pat your hands dry and finish with your regular lotion. Why it works: As you can expect, the sugar gently exfoliates the skin. But what you might not know: It is also a natural humectant (meaning it draws moisture into the skin). The raw honey (as opposed to processed conventional honey) has inherent antibacterial properties (great for keeping your cuticles clean) and is extremely moisturizing as well. For deeper hydration: Cover your plastic-wrapped hands in warm towels to help the moisturizing ingredients penetrate even deeper. Also, it feels heavenly.
SALVATORE FERRAGAMO is upping its campaign to curb counterfeits by inserting microchips in the heels of its shoes and in a selection of its bags. But, the move is said to be not only about stopping fraudsters, but to also help with resale value. Related Reading When Clothing Is Your Second Language When Clothing Is Your Second Language "The people who can afford to spend thousands on a purse often get tired of them after six months and tend to sell them on eBay," Greg Furman of the Luxury Market Council in New York, told The Times. "More and more brands are realising that there is resale value to their products that's lost on eBay." In short, if sellers can prove that the item they are selling is the real thing, the sale price jumps significantly.
Salvatore Ferragamo autumn/winter 2016 Picture credit: Indigital The Italian fashion house has been quick to point out that the chip (which is inimitable) cannot be seen in the shoe or bag, and will only be able to be read at a distance of 4cm or less, so fears of being tracked are unfounded. The brand has been persistent in identifying counterfeiters, confiscating 12,400 illegal items last year that had a total value of $17 million. It has also sought to expand the number of e-commerce sites that it monitors as well as targeting trade fairs and individual sellers, for which this latest technology tool will no doubt come in very useful indeed.

Although you may think you know all there is to know about taking care of your teeth and brushing daily along with the occasional floss is sufficient, you might be mistaken. Stained, yellow teeth can be a true representation of one’s hygiene and as a result can be a huge turn off. No matter how much you try not to smile, it’s one of the first things we notice about someone - so just how we spend time and money on our hair, we should also give our teeth the same treatment. Good Health Taking care of our teeth is not just for decorative reasons, it’s also for your health. It is known that not taking proper care of your teeth and gums can lead to losing teeth prematurely and excruciating tooth ache. But that’s not all, unhealthy gums can lead to disease which given time the bacteria can spread to other vital organs of your body. Don’t let this scare you, I’m sure your teeth won’t be at this stage right now.
The Basics So first off, brushing. This is the most important thing to get into your routine - as kids we’re all taught to brush twice a day and this is the right way to go by. A manual toothbrush or an electric toothbrush are both perfectly fine, although the electric can get the job done quicker. Just an important rule to remember is to buy a brush which fits your mouth properly, with not too hard bristles as these can be a little too abrasive on the teeth. A toothpaste high in fluoride not only makes your teeth whiter but also is more effective in preventing decay. I know we all lead busy lives and often it might be a case that after that long day we just want to quickly get to bed, however you need to give your teeth the attention they deserve - two to three minutes is all it takes, particularly at night. Don't forget to brush your tongue for extra fresh breathr
Should you Floss? Okay, so you’ve spent three minutes brushing but there are some areas in which your brush can’t get to. So whoever told you flossing is not important is wrong; small remains of food can produce decay which in turn develops gum disease. So ideally this should also be done twice a day; at first this will hurt a little and will make your gums bleed, but like a normal cut or graze the skin needs to heal to become stronger. Don't force it between teeth and you shouldn’t be too abrasive against your gums - just gently rub in a curved motion.
The Perfect Smile Aesthetics are important when it comes to teeth and I’m sure there are a lot of us who want, whiter, straighter teeth. It’s becoming more of a ‘trend’ to have perfect teeth and thankfully there are some cheaper options for this. For example you can purchase whitening tooth paste from Blanx or Crest teeth whitening strips, however the effects aren't so long lasting. Getting professional whitening treatments can be costly if you have important events coming up, however it can make a huge difference to your confidence.
Foods to Avoid A healthy diet also plays an important role in great teeth too. Smoking cigarettes and drinking certain drinks by example alone create staining; and as much as we believe coffee is the biggest problem, it is in fact tea that is more likely to stain your teeth. Secondly, the more sugary foods our teeth come in contact with the more bacteria your mouth produces, so stick to low sugar foods when snacking. There are also some myths that certain foods help with whitening teeth; coconut oil, banana skins and believe it or not, strawberries also act as a natural teeth whitener, who knew?

The Ankara print is perfect need I say more? But this perfect fabric has to be sewn correctly and smartly at this times. Gone are those days when this print was limited to just the two piece Ankara styles, now you have limitless options.

 As a modern day woman, I’ve seen how well the Ankara print fabric has evolved into something much more than what my grandma ties around her chest. I have witnessed this transformation and I am loving it. Being in the fore front of the evolving trend in fashion makes me realize how well the Ankara fabric has transformed. It’s no longer a taboo to pair this fabric with other textured materials or prints like chiffon, wool, silk, leather etc. Now if you don’t pair your Ankara with this textured fabrics then you are not in vogue, some people might see you as living in the 90’s, you are perhaps too retro for the new world. So, as a modern woman who loves her Ankara fabric, you have to get in with the trend. First, it would be a smart choice to get a well-trained tailor for this purpose next would be to follow sites and blogs that bring you genuinely fresh, off the runway designs, this way you get to see the coolest looks that you can not only rock to parties but looks that would form your everyday ensemble. If you ask me, what should my contemporary Ankara style look like? Then my answer would be; scroll down and take a look at this everyday Ankara styles that can fit snugly into your life.