7 Eyebrow Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Immediately

I started waxing my eyebrows when I was about 12 years old. Thick, dark hair on my head means thick, dark hair on my arches — and in between them. To deal with the small forest that grew in the center of my forehead, I went to the salon for a quick fix. But about a year ago this method failed when a technician removed the tail of my brow (about one-third!). Horrified, I decided it was time to find a more precise method.

So I did my homework and discovered Sania Vucetaj, a celebrity brow specialist who only tweezes (no waxing or threading) in her NYC studio. Within months, my full arches have magically grown back — no Latisse needed. That's because Sania has a special formula for getting brows back to their naturally thick state. It's chemical-free and painless. Keep reading to find out her brilliant tricks to getting the best eyebrows of your life.

Keep Your Brows Product Free

Avoid getting any lotions, gels, sunscreens, foundations, or moisturisers on or around the brow area. "These seep into the brows and cause hairs to fall out as well as prevent hair growth," Sania said. "We tend to treat the brows as skin, but they're actually hair follicles, and if we wouldn't put something on our scalp, why would we put it on our brows? Clients who are careful to avoid any lotions have noticed tremendous growth — it just takes patience!"

Bonus: she has advice for antiaging. "You especially never want to put creams on the eyelids because the lids don't wrinkle, they sag," she explained. "So by tugging on it and applying lotions, we are doing more harm than good."

Use the Right Mirror

"Avoid magnifying mirrors," Sani warned. "Always pluck in dull lighting and avoid magnifying mirrors because you will lose perspective and overtweeze."

Do Not Get Scissor Happy

Thou shalt not overtrim brows! A choppy, uneven arch is not cute. "Actually, very few women actually need trimming," she noted. "To trim the correct way, brush up hairs and just [cut] the hairs that stick out of the majority. You want to keep brows looking neat and even but by keeping them feathery you are also creating a fuller-looking and more lush brow.

Make Sure Your Brow Starts in the Right Spot

"There is a common misconception that brows must align with your nostril, but they should actually align with the top bridge of the nose," Sania said. Who knew? "Separating brows too far apart makes facial features appear wider." Follow this guide to get it right every time.

There's Such a Thing as Too Much Brow

You also do not want to overfill your arches. "Everyone wants fuller, bolder brows — but some people seem to be overdoing it with the pencil," Sania warned. "I suggest going no more than a shade darker than your brows. This will enhance your brows and bring out your eyes without exaggerating them. Brows are meant to enhance — not to distract. Some celebs such as Cara Delevingne, Rita Ora (lately), Julianne Hough, and Taryn Manning have taken the bold brow trend to the extreme."

Tweezing Is the Best Option

By all means, do not wax or thread. "Tweezing is the most precise method because you're only pulling a single hair at a time," Sania explained. "With brows, every single hair makes a difference or plays a role in the shape of the brow. Waxing lacks precision but also stretches this delicate skin. Threading pulls hairs in every direction, which causes hairs to break and creates unappealing ingrowns."

Invest in a Good Brow Pencil

I'm a huge fan of Sania's Brow Bar Retractable Eyebrow Pencil with Spooley (£21) — it has just enough wax to hold my hairs in place — minus any gel. The angled pencil plus the light, feathery formula result in realistic-looking strokes.

"A good brow pencil should give the illusion of natural hairs — not look like artificial


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