Stylewatch: Kate Moss at 14 – mom jeans, vest and that gap-toothed grin Even as a suburban teenager in 1988, the model made fashion moment

Kate Moss is hardly a “Where are they now?” celebrity – she’s in Zoolander 2 and on the cover of Another magazine, and that’s just this week. But it’s always fascinating to see how a teenager from Croydon transformed into a model with a net worth of £55m in 2014, not to mention the national treasure in green sequins crawling out of the Thames, for the Ab Fab movie (there’s another bang-up-to-date or not-even-here-yet Moss moment ). A new series of images of her at the age of 14, taken in 1988 by photographer Owen Scarbiena, have been released this week, ahead of an exhibition at The Zebra One gallery in London opening next week. Here’s Moss with the familiar gap-toothed grin in her civvies, before fashion found her, in exactly the kind of clothes a suburban teenager in the late 80s would have worn.


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