The Ankara print is perfect need I say more? But this perfect fabric has to be sewn correctly and smartly at this times. Gone are those days when this print was limited to just the two piece Ankara styles, now you have limitless options.

 As a modern day woman, I’ve seen how well the Ankara print fabric has evolved into something much more than what my grandma ties around her chest. I have witnessed this transformation and I am loving it. Being in the fore front of the evolving trend in fashion makes me realize how well the Ankara fabric has transformed. It’s no longer a taboo to pair this fabric with other textured materials or prints like chiffon, wool, silk, leather etc. Now if you don’t pair your Ankara with this textured fabrics then you are not in vogue, some people might see you as living in the 90’s, you are perhaps too retro for the new world. So, as a modern woman who loves her Ankara fabric, you have to get in with the trend. First, it would be a smart choice to get a well-trained tailor for this purpose next would be to follow sites and blogs that bring you genuinely fresh, off the runway designs, this way you get to see the coolest looks that you can not only rock to parties but looks that would form your everyday ensemble. If you ask me, what should my contemporary Ankara style look like? Then my answer would be; scroll down and take a look at this everyday Ankara styles that can fit snugly into your life.


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