Natalia's Fabulous Fashion Fund Fair Rolls Into Town

The secret to Vodianova's success so far - she also founded the annual Love Ball - is her commercial clout. She knows that giving by sponsors - or partners as she calls them - serious marketing incentives to take part, she is presenting an offer that they can't refuse.

"The way we do it is come up with irresistible concept for the brand and something that really makes sense to them," she explained. "The fact that the Fund Fair is about owning your space and is branded it's really quite hard to say no!". For our partners, it's about going from having a page in a catalogue or a logo on a wall, to actually having their dedicated space and owning an experience. "There is definitely more hype this year and it's because of last year's success," she told us. "It was such a new concept - it was at the same time exciting and challenging to work on so we are riding the wave and having fun. The Fund Fair is a very different event but as a charity, like any brand of business, we have to continue making current ways to bring fundraising into our lives."


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